Truffles are the fruit body of a subterranean fungus that forms a symbiotic relationship with the roots of certain trees and shrubs (truffle host plants) such as the oak (Quercus fagaceas), hazel (Quercus avellana), and holm oak (Quercus Ilex).
Black Truffle Tuber Melanosporum
In the past, pigs were used to harvest truffles. Eventually, this custom was abandoned, as it was difficult to transport and to domesticate them. With dogs, once they are trained, these problems no longer exist. It is not necessary to use pedigree dogs, the main thing is to train them from the time they are pups to know how to make the best of their instinct.

Our Youtube channel will show you how is hunting truffles with dogs: http://www.youtube.com/user/thebestblacktruffles

Hunting black truffles with dogs
This fungus is so highly appreciated that it entails a totally mysterious world. Its origin is still unknown. Finding it is equivalent to obtaining a small treasure. Expert truffle hunters know that it is a precious gift offered to us by nature.
Do you know how long does it take a black truffle melanosporum to mature?...At least 10-13 years!

Black truffles are the black diamond of the gastronomy for many reasons. Once you have tasted a real black truffle, you´ll never forget it. Its flavour, aroma...It cannot be compared with anything similar

Gastronomy with black truffles Tuber Melanosporum
In Manjares de la Tierra S.L. we are specialized to preserve and to transform the best black truffles Melanosporum to the most appreciated delicacies and delicatessen as: truffled oils and vinegars, cheese, rice, pasta, pâtés, honey, jams, liquors, etc.

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Brandy with Black Truffle