Some of our favorite dishes with Black Truffle Melanosporum


To preserve fresh truffles in the refrigerator (max.10 days), wrap the truffles in absorbent paper (kitchen roll) and keep in an airtight box. It is a good idea to open the airtight container once a day to oxygenate them.

To preserve truffles out of season: freeze them. Take out the exact amount necessary and grate what is needed, without defrosting them.

Black truffles match very well with many foods as: meats, fishes, rices, pasta, eggs, potatoes, salads, poultry,   etc.
One simple and delicious way to taste a black truffle is on a bit of bread, in slices, just with a few drops of olive oil and salt. You will never forget it!

Our Recipes:

- The Best Black Truffle Mac & Cheese: recipe. Gastronomy.

With a Black Truffle (Tuber Melanosporum) slicer, you make any meal pure magic. Put sliced truffles in Macaronis & Cheese, and you have a great culinary experience.

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Roasted shoulder of lamb with Black Truffle and creamed potatoes recipe

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