MANJARES DE LA TIERRA S.L. is located in Sarrión (Teruel) Spain, a nation wide famous area for the quality of its truffles. Here, truffles reach other dimensions, both culturally as well as in agriculture. 
Sarrion official website: www.sarrion.es 

Truffles have long been a tradition for us and they have always been collected. Their quality is recognised and appreciated at the best tables in the world. The cultivation area is about 3.000 hectares in extension, which has increased enormously in recent years. That alone says a lot for our future potential. Sarrión is considered to be the Spanish capital of the black truffle.

Each year in December we celebrate the most important international exhibition dedicated to truffles: FITRUF: www.fitruf.es

MANJARES DE LA TIERRA S.L. is a company dedicated to the transformation and marketing of the most selected truffles delicacies, which are exclusive to nature, and above all we should emphasise those, which are harvested in a traditional manner in our area.

Fresh black truffle Tuber Melanosporum

The truffle area is not far from our plant, so transport is rapid, thus guaranteeing their freshness and quality. The truffles are carefully picked out of the earth by hand and selected whilst respecting our commitment to nature. That is why we work with trained dogs, which can detect the strong aroma of ripe truffles. As a result we also assure future crops.

Our facilities
All of our truffles delicacies are elaborated using traditional methods, but with the guarantee that offers the strictest quality of production control, in accordance with European regulations: autoclave sterilization and critical analysis, apart from the advice of professional laboratories and technological centres.

Fresh and preserved black truffles (Tuber Melanosporum)
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