Our black truffles are ecological; we do not use any preservatives or artificial colourings. 

- The best season?           
Truffles reach their best taste and aroma from December until March because of their ripeness. Tuber Melanosporum botanical variety is harvested only during winter time in Sarrion.

- How to preserve fresh truffles?         
To preserve fresh truffles in the refrigerator (max.10 days); wrap the truffles in absorbent paper (kitchen roll) and keep in an airtight box. It is a good idea to open the airtight container once a day to oxygenate them.
To preserve truffles out of season: freeze them. Take out the exact amount necessary and grate what is needed, without defrosting them completely.

- How to use fresh truffles?       
Truffles are not peeled. They need at least 24 hours to enhance rice, flour, eggs, etc

- Truffles with ...    
Truffles go very well with many food as rice, pasta, eggs, fish, potatoes and flour, but lose aroma with strong flavoured products like onions, garlic, etc

- When to use our products?    
All our truffle products should be added towards the end of cooking to avoid overcooking them and to keep all the flavour and aroma of the truffle. Truffles do not gain anything from a long drawn out cooking process.

- Which variety of truffle?           
It is important to distinguish the variety of the truffle (botanical name). This information must appear on the label together with the sanitary registration and origin.

In Manjares de la Tierra S.L. we can offer you:
  • Fresh black truffles (Tuber Melanosporum during winter time and Tuber Aestivum during the summer). 
  • Frozen black truffles everytime
  • And our delicacies and preserves with black truffle also everytime